My name is krunal. I’m Indian but since more than last 2 years been working in Singapore. My academics is not in computing/programming but I took the development as my job around 5 years back. The transition was not easy but tried my best to learn the things on my own in the world of programming. I have been working on c# for last 3 years or so.

Google is the best mate for programmers and blogs by different users, now a days are the saviours for  programmers in their troubled times. So just few days back a thought crossed my mind to start my own blog in which I can write about the different techniques and topics in c# and WPF. By blogging the topics, over a period of time I will have a good repository of technical guide which I can refer in one go and who knows people can also find some problem to their solutions from my blog.

So if you happen to visit my blog, do let me know your comments/suggestion/feedback on how I can improve it.


  1. jyothikumar
    January 18, 2014 at 4:38 pm

    Hai Krunal, this is a good idea to share what you know and i’m going to learn dotnet. Presently working as a biometric systems Implementation along with Time and attendance software.

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